Summer Driving Tips

Long journeys, high temperatures and heavy traffic...

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The high temperatures and busy holiday routes of summer put extra demands on both car and driver. With a little planning and preparation though you should be able to reduce the risk of a breakdown and keep stress levels to a minimum.

It's easy to lose your car keys in sand on the beach or take the remote control for a swim and then find that car doors won't open.
Salt in sea water can ruin electric circuits and render transponder keys useless.

Most cars will have an alternative method of entry if the remote key fails - check the handbook - but it's better to keep keys safe and dry in the first place.
Be prepared - Punctures
High temperatures aggravate any existing damage to the rubber. Under-inflation adds to the problem causing friction and more heat which can prove too much for weak spots, causing punctures and blow-outs.

  • Check tyre condition and pressures, adjusting for extra load if appropriate.
  • Check caravan tyres for cracking and renew damaged tyres before use.
Be prepared - Overheating
High temperatures can aggravate cooling system problems too. Low coolant level, leaking hoses and broken electric cooling fans can all result in overheating and expensive damage.
If the fan's broken it will soon become apparent when you meet slow moving traffic and engine temperature soars.

  • Check the coolant reservoir level regularly
  • Look out for wet or white staining on coolant hoses
  • Check the fan by running the car to normal temperature and allowing the engine to idle for five to 10 minutes - the cooling fan should cut in automatically.
Be prepared - Glare
  • Sun glare causes many accidents, particularly under clear skies at dawn or dusk.
  • Keep a clean and unscratched pair of sunglasses handy
  • Avoid lenses which darken in strong sunlight - the windscreen filters out UV light so the glasses will change only slowly.
  • Clean the windscreen regularly, inside and out, to remove smears, which will catch sunlight and impair vision.
  • Renew worn or damaged wiper blades will also help to improve vision




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